BraXiere Overview

Who is BraXiere founder ?

Macha Brizay is French and globe trotter.

She was born on the seventy’s when bras have gone for a while…

A long career on lingerie development, working at front end for more than 50 brands, and ending up in NYC advising technically Victoria Secret design teams.

Logic, assertive, and have empathize.

She is a woman and knows what is good for the women.

Where is Two-pieces bra by now?

BraXiere' concept has already conquered many institutions in less than 18 months.

They all welcome and trust the product and can see the need for it.

BraXiere has been given many rewards:

  • The Gold Medal from the prestigious Concours Lepine in Paris on May 2019.
  • The Innovative Entreprise Trophy in Vendee in May 2019.
  • The entreprise of the Year in Vendee in December 2018 ( regional price)
  • The Silver-Eco Trophy for Innovation in Paris in March 2018.

BraXiere wants to license the Two-pieces bra concept

Any lady should wear a bra for decency and femininity.

BraXiere has created the missing “bra block” that will please any lady.

Macha is working close to medical institutes and sells the BraXiere online actually. Feed back is over any expectation: she found the Grail…

However she is alone on this journey and the world is wide.

Macha wants to share the concept with brands that have got already their foot print on different markets.

Markets for any generation and/or situation.

Pregnancy - Breast feeding- Sport- Ageing- Post operation- Handicap- Well Being – etc…

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