BraXiere concept and product

What is making each of us, ladies, so “unique” ?

  • The shape of our breast.
  • The density of our breast tissue.
  • Their different shape, from left to right.
  • The various positions onto the torso.
  • A torso with different thoracic cage shape.
  • A torso with some square or drooping shoulders.
  • A body that moves and redesign curves along our journey thorough life.

Such a body diversity is generating much frustration when it is about wearing a bra…

Why are standard bras such uncomfortable?

  • They didn’t change in 100 years.
  • They have got symmetrical cups
  • Straps are short and/or falling
  • Uneasy back closure
  • Fiddly hook and eyes
  • The cups are too much constructed
  • Wires cannot adapt to our body
  • No bra can be perfect as our body is unique.
  • Because we are not a "standard"…


  • Young generation is looking for non-wired bras
  • Active generation is looking for versatile bras
  • Breast cancer operated ladies are looking for feminine bras
  • Ageing ladies are looking for ergonomic and comfortable bras
  • So it was time to create the bra we all dream about!

Why two-pieces bra?

We are all looking for well being and well ageing.

We don’t want anymore harnesses but soft and resilient materials.

Two-pieces bra means…

  • No wires,
  • No hook & eyes,
  • No strap adjusters,
  • No strap digging and/or falling,
  • No breast “squeezed”,
  • No back pain and no daily pain to get dressed,
  • A nice supportive bra that care about each breast or prothesis, independently.
  • Two gloves taking care of our breast the way we want.
  • Two ergonomic closures on front sides, easy to close and to open
  • With the minimum constraint…

This new concept is offering comfort & nice shape without the pain and constraints given by any standard bras.

Two-pieces bra takes care of our unique body and our asymmetric breast.

Two-pieces bra takes care of the difference and the difficulties we can face after an accident, an operation or simply getting aged.

Two-pieces bra doesn’t need any pocket to hold external prothesis.

Two-piecesgives back our décolleté: a cleavage lost when wearing any post mastectomy bra that are covering too much…

A concept that aims to improve our daily life, with femininity.

A two-pieces bra that adapt to each breast independently

With the use of breathable materials, resilient fabrics, and innovative elastics well studied, BraXiere et cetera offers a range of quality products for maximum well-being, and for women of all ages.

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