BraXiere is a French development company that saw a need for change in the way women’s underwear is created. For 100 years, basic lingerie designs have remained unchanged especially in the areas related to women’s health.

BraXiere fills the gap…uncompromising quality combined with femininity and comfort.

The creator and founder of BraXiere Et cetera, Macha Brizay, started her career with luxury, European lingerie brands in the early 90’s. Responsible for high-end garment research and development it was here that she also developed the technical skills that would ultimately elevate her to the highest echelons in the intimate fashion manufacturing world of Europe, North-Africa, Asia, and The United States of America.

As a result of working with the top lingerie brands in the world for many years, her exposure, experience, and desire for constant improvements gave her the opportunity to develop her own brand of innovative lingerie.

A two-piece bra, new to the lingerie market was born!

In April 2019 at the Prestigious International Concours Lépine, in Paris it received the highest award winning the Gold Medal.

BraXiere! … because we can have comfort and femininity without compromise!


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Braxiere et cetera

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